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Screen/LCD Replacement

Cracked phone screens and damaged LCDs on tablets are sometimes unavoidable. We offer same day phone and tablet repairs on most devices to get you back up and running in no time.

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Battery Replacement

The constant use of our smart devices may cause the batteries to overheat and drain very fast. Let us safely replace and dispose of your battery to keep your device running smoothly and efficiently.

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Mac OS/Windows Installation

Are you still running Mac OS X Lion or Windows XP? Don't get left behind! Give your system the update it deserves with a new Mac OS or Windows installation.

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Backup/Restore Services

A device is just as useful as the information that it stores. We want to protect that information and make it easily accessible with our quick and easy Backup/Restore Services.

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System Diagnostics

Is your computer running slower than usual? Have apps on your phone suddenly become unresponsive? Don't panic! Let The Tech Agents diagnose the problem for you.

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Virus Removal

Viruses can turn any laptop or PC into a paperweight. Get your device cleaned and protect your system with our Virus Removal Services.

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Viruses can turn any laptop or PC into a paperweight. Get your device cleaned and protect your system with our Virus Removal Services.

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Pick-up/Delivery Services

A broken screen or dysfunctional tablet does not have to interrupt your daily schedule. Let us save you a trip by using our low cost and convenient pickup or delivery service.

**Limited to 30 Mile Radius**

Onsite Repairs

It can be a hassle to unplug a bulky desktop computer to bring it in for a repair. Let us save you a trip with our onsite PC/Laptop Diagnostics and Repair Service. Make an appointment with The Tech Agents today!

Real-Time Updates

Need to run an errand while you wait for your repair? No problem. We keep you connected via email or text when the service on your device has started and when it is completed. 

Service Warranty

We understand some parts may simply be defective. That's why all repair and installation failures not caused by physical damage will be covered by our 30 day limited warranty.

Service by Mail

Not from the local area? No need to worry. The Tech Agents offers quick and reliable service to anyone, anywhere. Contact an Agent today for quotes on our Service by Mail option.

Veterans Welcomed

As a veteran owned business, we pride ourselves in giving back to those who served. All Active Duty military, veterans, and retirees are eligible for our military discount with valid identification.